About Me

Hey Everybody!

I'm Natalie, a Special Education teacher turned stay at home Mom. I have always loved teaching, and have always loved teachers.  I started creating my own teaching materials mostly out of necessity, but it quickly became a passion. When I'm not busy creating new things for the classroom, I am busy being a wife, and a Mom to my three rowdy boys.  We love taking adventures together, spending time outside, and are constantly seeking to learn and experience new things.
I loved my years in the classroom, and like so many of you, I always felt like I learned so much more from my students than they ever learned from me. I truly feel blessed that I am able to stay connected to teachers and students here, in some small way.


  1. Hi, I commend you on your passion for education, I would be excited about schoolwork if I was a child and I had these materials to work with.
    This is probably obvious and I'm just missing it, but are your materials and learning tools designed with all types of learners in mind or solely for learners with special needs? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi There--

      Great question! My background is in Special Education, so I mostly create activities with these learners in mind. However, I think hands-on learning is important for students of all ages and abilities. Many of my activities are appropriate for any early-learner (Pre-k, kinder, 1st grade etc). My son who is in Kindergarten, loves these activities and asks to do them all of the time! ;) Thanks for stopping by--Natalie

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