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Updating Classroom Behavior Support Visuals

So I was browsing through Pinterest the other day and this picture popped up in my Pinterest feed:

File Folder Heaven Fossil ;)
My first thought was, "Wow! That's one of the original behavior supports that I put up on File Folder Heaven years ago."  My second thought was, "Wow!  That could really use an update!" ;)

So I've decided to update all of the free behavior supports and social stories for a couple of reasons.  First, so much has changed in the 7 or 8 years since I started the website. Certain choices we may want on a "choice board," or "communication board" (like an Ipad, for example) didn't even exist back then. And second, my clip art choices were so limited back at that time, that I basically just had to use what was available (and there wasn't much!) Now the choices for clipart and illustrations are basically endless.  But for these updated visuals, I have decided to use Smarty Symbols because I wanted to use a cohesive set of symbols and pictures that are simple and easy to understand.

So here is a little sneak peek of the updates:

Updated Behavior Helpers with Smarty Symbols
Updated Behavior Helpers with Smarty Symbols
Updated Behavior Visuals With Smarty Symbols
These updates are a work in progress!  So check back regularly.  You will know they have been updated when you see a real photo next to the description instead of a clipart icon. You can find these free behavior helpers in the same spot that they've always been:

Right Here!

I hope ya'll find them helpful! ;)