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Father's Day Card Freebie

Hey Everybody--

I am way, way behind in posting an update here and there is so much to catch ya'll up on.  But for today, I just wanted to let you know that I have finally updated the Father's Card Freebie.  I've had many requests to get that done! Thank you for staying on top of me!  ;)

 For those of you, who did not use the card in 2015--here is a little preview.

This card makes Father's Day so easy!  Just print, and have your "Littles" draw a picture of "Me and My Dad."  For students that are not drawing yet, you can use a real photo of his/her Dad, or have them find a photo in a magazine that they think resembles their Dad (This is always fun!)

There are lots of different versions included to represent boys, girls and many different cultures.  The black and white lined versions are also included for those needing to save on ink!

You can find these cards at File Folder Heaven Here:

And on TPT Here: