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"This Little Love Bug" Adapted Book and Vocabulary Activities

Moving right along! ;) 
The "This Little Love Bug" Adapted Book and Vocabulary Activities have now been updated.  This Valentine's Day themed adapted book focuses on identifying rhyming word pairs.

In this adapted book, students follow the love bug as he identifies all of the things that he loves. Students interact with the text by matching a simple word and picture to each page as the teacher or therapist reads the story.  Beginning and independent readers should be able to work through the book in an independent workstation or literacy center.

Sample Text:

"This little love bug loves a cat.
  This little love bug loves a bat.
  This little love bug loves a goose.
  This little love but loves a moose."

Students work on sorting and classification, sequencing skills, basic labeling skills, identifying rhyming words and position concepts with the included activities.

Sorting And Classification:  Things That Rhyme With "Bug"/ Don't

Working With Position Concepts:

Basic Labeling and Identifying Rhyming Word Pairs:

You can find these updates at the following links at File Folder Heaven:

And on TPT Here:


Ten Little Snowmen Adapted Book Updates

Winter has finally arrived in Texas and I have been lucky enough to carve out a little bit of time to keep working on these updates.

The "Ten Little Snowmen" Adapted Book is a winter-themed adapted book that focuses on number identification, counting to 10, and number words vocabulary.

In this activity, the teacher or therapist reads the book to students as students follow along an match a number and number word to each page. Students working at an independent level can work through the book in an independent work station or literacy center.

This adapted book also includes activities that target sequencing skills, basic classification and sorting skills, basic identification and labeling skills, and an activity that targets positional concepts.

This is a really fun, seasonal book that students seem to love!  These poor little snowmen are just trying to enjoy their winter, when the sun keeps showing up and ruins everything!

Sample Text:

"Ten little snowmen were fluffy, white and fine.
  Out came the sun, and then there were nine!

  Nine little snowmen were feeling really great.
  Out came the sun and then there were eight!"

Here is a quick peek at the additional activities included:

Sorting and Classification Skills:

Sorting By Attribute:  Things That Are Frozen/Things That Are Not

Positional Concepts:

Working With Positional Concepts--Includes Two Different Levels for Differentiation
Basic Labeling And Identification:

Identifying And Labeling Numbers and Number Words

If you already own this activity, you can grab the updates below.  If you would like to add these activities to your collection, you can find them below too! ;)

"It's Cold Outside" Adapted Book Updates

The newest adapted book updates are now complete!

The "It's Cold Outside" Adapted Book focuses on winter clothing vocabulary and has been a popular book over the years. For those of you that have purchased it, I think you are really going to love the updates.The newest download will include 1 Adapted Book, fully updated with new and improved clip art and fonts, 1 sequencing stick activity, 1 sorting and classification activity, 1 vocabulary labeling activity and 1 positional concepts activity.

Here are the before and after photos!

Original Adapted Book:

Updated version with newly included vocabulary activities:

"It's Cold Outside" Adapted Book with Sequencing Acivity

Classification Activity:  Sorting Winter and Summer Clothing
Vocabulary Identification/Labeling Activity

Positional Concepts Practice
If you have purchased this book or unit in the past, you can download the updates on File Folder Heaven below.  If you would like more information about these vocabulary focused activities, you can find that in the same place:

or on TPT here:

Adapted Book Updates

I am finally beginning to tackle some long-needed updates to my Adapted Books Collection.

I've been creating and sharing adapted books for several years now, and naturally, the longer I've designed them, the better they have become. But the problem I'm running into is that my newer books are making all of my older books look a bit dated.
So I've decided it's time to give all of my vocabulary-focused Adapted Books a fresh coat of paint! Not only will they have a better design, but they will also be packed with more small group extension activities that will enable you to target many different language skills at multiple learning levels.

Here's an Example:

"Who Lives In The Cold Adapted Book" Original

Here's the Update:

The "Who Lives In the Cold Adapted Book" now includes an activities that target sequencing skills, 
sorting and classification skills:

Sorting Cold Climate Animals and Warm Climate Animals

Labeling and identification skills:

Identifying and Labeling Cold Climate Animals

And positional concepts:

Build a Cold Climate Scene with Positional Concepts Included
The great news is that this book has and always will be a FREEBIE!  So find your UPDATED copy, along with the latest extension activities, in the same place that it has always been.

You can download the book at File Folder Heaven Here: 

And at TPT Here:

These updates will be a BIG and slow-moving project, so please bear with me. I will post them here as soon as they are complete.  

Here's to a "New and Improved," 2016!

Snowman Cookie Sheet Freebie

I know we are all counting down the days until winter break.  Hang on tight Everybody, we are almost there!
Here is a quick and fun freebie that you can use in your winter themed centers or workstations this week, or when you return from winter break.
This, "Snowman Colors Match" Cookie Sheet Activity focuses on basic matching skills.  In this activity, students match the snowmen by the color of their earmuffs.
And how cute are these little guys by the way?  I'm not sure what is going on with all of the clip artists this season, but they just keep out doing themselves! Wow!

You can find this free cookie sheet activity on File Folder Heaven here:

Or on TPT Here:

"The Roly-Poly Snowball" Adapted Book

I guess you could say that I'm a little stuck on this snow theme. ;)  Just when I think I am done creating snow or winter themed adapted books, I stumble across some collection of irresistibly cute clip art and think, "I MUST create a book with that!" (And that's exactly what happened here.)

"The Roly Poly Snowball," is a super-fun winter or snowman themed adapted book that focuses on "snowman" words.

In this activity, students read or follow along and find the interactive matching piece that goes with each page. At the end of the book, students answer Wh- questions by choosing the best answer for each question.

This book is so much fun!  Students watch with anticipation as the roley-poley snowball, rolls over all kinds of things and slowly begins to change into something else completely!

Sample Text:

"On a white and snowy hill,
  in a pile, beside a tree....
  A roley-poley snowball 
  was as "roley" as can be!

 He rolled over some snowballs.
 And he rolled over some sticks!
 He rolled over some buttons,
 as he laughed and did his tricks!"

This activity also includes a bonus "sequencing stick" activity, (pictured above) where students practice sequencing the events of the story, and a set of snowman vocabulary words (pictured below) that students can practice reading and matching to the pictures in the story.

You can find this Adapted Book at File Folder Heaven here:

The Roley Poley Snowman

And on TPT here:

The Roley Poley Snowman

Snowy Day Fun

We've been having lots of "snowy day" fun around here.  Even though we rarely get snow where I live, it's so much fun to talk about and think about this white, fluffy, wonder!

I had so many white, circle labels left over from our "Make a Snow Tree" activity, that I decided to make "snowy" words with my little guy.  We had fun thinking of snow-themed words, writing them with a sharpie, and then turning them into "snowy" words by covering them them with our "snowballs."  This peel and stick activity is great for fine motor skills.

Even though we focused on snow-themed words, this activity could easily be adapted to work on basic sight words, or for students who need the extra work--working on spelling first or last names.

After our "snowy words," activity, we still had lots of  "snowballs" (white labels) left!  So we decided to create a set of "Snow Trees," that we could turn into a "Count and Clip" activity.

This was such quick and simple activity to create.  First we cut green triangles and brown squares out of construction paper. Then we glued them together to form our trees.  Next we put the white labels on the trees to turn them into "Snow Trees."  Finally, I created a set of corresponding clothespins but writing the numbers 1-9 on clothespins.  My son had so much fun counting the snowballs and clipping the correct clothespin to each tree.

This activity is little simple for my son's skill level, but it's one that he will do over and over because he always loves clipping clothespins to things!  I am thinking about adapting it so that he can practice basic addition problems will it.  I plan to create a set where he can add two sets of snowballs together, and then clip the sum to each tree.

And guess what?  We still have lots of "snowballs" left!  If we do anything else with them, I'll be sure and let ya'll know!

Happy ALMOST Winter, Everybody!

"Where Is the Sleigh?" Christmas Adapted Book

Oh no! Santa's sleigh has gone missing and none of his elves can seem to find it.

In this fun and festive Christmas-themed adapted book, students follow elves as they search for Santa's sleigh. Those silly little elves find all kinds of Christmas things, just not quite the thing they are searching for.

This adapted book focuses on Christmas vocabulary, Wh- questions, story sequencing, and positional words.

Sample text:

"Where is the sleigh? Where did it go?
 Ruby tried to find it, but she really didn't know.
 She looked beside the Christmas tree and said,
 Is this the day?
 She found a little stocking but she didn't find the sleigh!

Where is the sleigh?  Where did it go?
Chippy tried to find it but he really didn't know.
He looked behind the Christmas tree and said,
Is this the day?
He found a little reindeer but he didn't find the sleigh!"

In this interactive activity, a teacher or therapist reads the story as students follow along and match pieces to each page of the book.  At the end of the story, students answer -Wh questions, by choosing the best interactive matching piece that answers the question asked. This adapted book also includes a bonus, "sequencing stick" activity, where students can sequence the events of the story on a paint stirrer (See photo above for details.)

I hope your students love it!

"Make a Snow Tree" Winter Freebie

This is just a quick note to let you all know that I have added a new, fun, winter-themed freebie to the website this week.  The "Make a Snow Tree," Count and Cover Activity is fun way to practice counting to 20, work on one-to-one correspondence skills, practice with identifying numbers and to incorporate some fine motor skills, at the same time!  Students can "Count and Cover" the numbers 1-20 with all kinds of things including: marshmallows, white pom-poms, cotton balls, small bits of white paper, and even stickers!

If you would like to download this free activity, you can find it at File Folder Heaven here:

Make a Snow Tree

And TPT here:

Make a Snow Tree

Happy December!

"Where Is The Pie?" Thanksgiving Adapted Book Freebie

I'm so excited to share this adapted book with Ya'll!  "Where Is The Pie?" is a super-cute Thanksgiving Adapted Book that targets a ton of skills! I've truly tried my best to pack a whole lot into these few pages of fun, so that you can use this book with a variety of students, who may be working at many different skill levels.
This adapted book targets basic Thanksgiving vocabulary words, matching skills, basic story comprehension skills, Wh-questions, sequencing skills, and positional words. Whew!  Are we tired yet? And like the "Scary Little Witch," featured in October, this Adapted Book also includes the bonus "sequencing stick," activity.  (See photo above for details.)

In this silly story, something has seriously gone a wry!  The Thanksgiving pie is missing and nobody can seem to find it.

Sample Story Text:

Where is the pie? Where did it go?
Grandpa tried to find it but he really didn't know.
He looked under the table with a disappointed sigh.
He found the mashed potatoes but he didn't find the pie!

Where is the pie? Where did it go?
Grandma tried to find it but she really didn't know.
She looked above the table with a disappointed sigh.
She found the roasted corn but she didn't find the pie!"

This adapted book will be free until November 30th, as a tiny token of my "Thanks" to all of you. You can download it at File Folder Heaven here:

And find it on TPT Here:

Happy Thanksgiving!

More "Folder Stories" Updates

I have finally updated more of the free "Folder Stories," In case you've missed out on them, "Folder Stories," are one-page social stories that fit nicely in a file folder.

Updates for this week include the "I Say Thank You," Folder Story, that focuses on the appropriate way to say thank you.

And the "I Have a Substitute" Folder Story which focuses on maintaining appropriate behavior while the teacher is away.

You can find the latest updates to all of the "Folder Stories" Here:

"The Scary Little Witch" Halloween Freebie

The Scary Little Witch Adapted Book Freebie

I just love this little book!  The truth is....sometimes when I finish creating something, I love the activity so much that I think that EVERYBODY should have it.

That's exactly what happened when I finished creating this one!

This Halloween-themed adapted book focuses on basic Halloween vocabulary, teaches basic matching skills, includes interactive comprehension questions, and a bonus story sequencing activity. (See sequencing stick activity)

In this not so scary story, "The Scary Little Witch" tries to scare just about everybody!

Sample Text:

"One dark night, when it was time to Trick or Treat,
 a scary little witch was scaring people on the street!

She scared a little vampire,
and she scared a little bat.
She scared a little wizard
in a pointy purple hat!"

At the end of the book, this "Scary Little Witch" is very surprised when she is no longer the one doing the scaring!  ;)

If you would like to download a copy of this fun, little Halloween book, you can find it for free until October 31st at:

 File Folder Heaven Here:  "The Scary Little Witch" 
and on

I truly hope ya'll love it!  <3

Updating Folder Stories

I've finally begun updating my collection of "Folder Stories." For those of you who are unfamiliar with Folder Stories, I'll give you a little background information.

Three Examples of Folder Stories
What Are Folder Stories?

Folder Stories are simple, one-page Social Stories, or social narratives that focus on teaching social skills or appropriate classroom behavior to students with Autism or any student that you think may benefit from them.  They are written in plain language, include visual support, and focus on the positive consequences of appropriate behavior. I created the "Folder Stories" series several years ago because I wanted social narratives that were simple to use, and easy to assemble and store.  All of the social narratives in this series are designed to fit in a single file folder for these reasons. You can find some examples below:

Folder Stories are simple to assemble and store.
 How Is The Collection Changing?

I've been wanting to update these Folder Stories for so long.  Back when I originally created the series of Folder Stories, the choices for clip art were so limited.  The choices today have expanded greatly.  For this series, like the behavior support visuals, I have chosen to update them with Smarty Symbols.  Along with each story, I am including a "desk strip." (This is new!)  This visual can be posted to the student's desk as a visual reminder of what is expected.  It usually breaks the expected behavior down to three basic steps. You can see examples of the new "desk strips" that accompany each story below.

"I Listen" Folder Story--Focuses on listening to instruction

"I Raise My Hand" Folder Story--Focuses on how to wait to be called on

"I Do My Work" Folder Story--Focuses on "on-task" behavior

Where Can I Find These Folder Stories?

They are going to be in the same place they have always been.  You can follow the link below:

Download Folder Stories Here

 I hope to be able to update two or three of the Folder Stories each week, so keep checking back for updates! ;) You'll know a story has been updated when you see a photo next to the description, instead of a graphic.

I truly hope that ya'll find these helpful.  If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me.