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Updating Folder Stories

I've finally begun updating my collection of "Folder Stories." For those of you who are unfamiliar with Folder Stories, I'll give you a little background information.

Three Examples of Folder Stories
What Are Folder Stories?

Folder Stories are simple, one-page Social Stories, or social narratives that focus on teaching social skills or appropriate classroom behavior to students with Autism or any student that you think may benefit from them.  They are written in plain language, include visual support, and focus on the positive consequences of appropriate behavior. I created the "Folder Stories" series several years ago because I wanted social narratives that were simple to use, and easy to assemble and store.  All of the social narratives in this series are designed to fit in a single file folder for these reasons. You can find some examples below:

Folder Stories are simple to assemble and store.
 How Is The Collection Changing?

I've been wanting to update these Folder Stories for so long.  Back when I originally created the series of Folder Stories, the choices for clip art were so limited.  The choices today have expanded greatly.  For this series, like the behavior support visuals, I have chosen to update them with Smarty Symbols.  Along with each story, I am including a "desk strip." (This is new!)  This visual can be posted to the student's desk as a visual reminder of what is expected.  It usually breaks the expected behavior down to three basic steps. You can see examples of the new "desk strips" that accompany each story below.

"I Listen" Folder Story--Focuses on listening to instruction

"I Raise My Hand" Folder Story--Focuses on how to wait to be called on

"I Do My Work" Folder Story--Focuses on "on-task" behavior

Where Can I Find These Folder Stories?

They are going to be in the same place they have always been.  You can follow the link below:

Download Folder Stories Here

 I hope to be able to update two or three of the Folder Stories each week, so keep checking back for updates! ;) You'll know a story has been updated when you see a photo next to the description, instead of a graphic.

I truly hope that ya'll find these helpful.  If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me.