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Task Cards and More

Oh my goodness ya'll! I think I have fallen in love with these activities.  They are low-prep/no prep, easy to differentiate to address a wide-variety of skill levels and offer many opportunities for students to practice skills in different ways.

First up: Task Cards! 

Ocean Animals:  Matching Word to Real Picture
Why do I love task cards for our special learners?  Mainly because they don't require Velcro! ;) But also because they are so versatile. Students can complete them as a clothespin task: Just add clothespins! Students can complete them as a paperclip task:  Just add paperclips!  Students can complete them as a marker task:  Just add dry erase markers! Students can complete them as a cookie sheet activity: Just add magnets! Students can also complete them in a therapy setting by pointing to their answers, when given a verbal prompt.

Task Card Clothespin Task 
Task Card Paperclip Task
Task Card Dry Erase Marker Activity
Task Card Cookie Sheet Activity
So easy!  See what I mean?

My other new favorite?  "Find and Cover" Cookie Sheet Activities!  I love these hands-on activities because they are so easy to prep!  Just print (laminate if you choose).  Put them on a cookie sheet and provide button magnets for students to complete the task. There is no cutting whatsoever, and NO Velcro! YAY! Here are some examples of "Find and Cover" Cookie Sheet Activities that I made for an ocean unit.

Find and Cover the Red Fish:  Focuses on identifying by color.  Students locate the red fish and cover them with magnets.
Find and Cover the Ocean Animals:  Focuses on identifying a class of things.  Students locate and cover all of the animals that live in the ocean.
To see these activities on the File Folder Heaven website, follow the links below:

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