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More Monsters!

So here's the story. . .

I didn't really have any intention of writing any more monster books this year.  But I suppose these monsters had other plans for me.  I couldn't get these cute and furry little trouble-makers out of my brain. And what's a girl to do when she's got 19 hours of idle time to kill on a family road trip? Immerse herself in a great, summer page-turner?  Of course not--She's supposed to write more monster books! ;)

So here they are.

"When Monsters Play Outside" introduces and reviews appropriate playground behavior. It's no surprise that these unruly little guys are always getting hurt because they are always doing the wrong thing.

Sample Text:

"When monsters play outside,
  they show no monster pride.
 They stand up on the swings.
 They hang from lots of things.
 They roll in mud and dirt.
 They're always getting hurt!"

And you can download it here:  "When Monsters Play Outside"

Or on TPT Here:

Click Here to Download It!

The next edition in the monster series takes place in the school library.  "When Monsters Check Out Books," introduces and reviews appropriate library behavior. These naughty little fellows really know how to upset the school librarian.  When they are not climbing the library shelves, they are growling and grunting and eating pages out of books!  Thank goodness there are some well- behaved children around to show them what is appropriate!

Sample Text:

"When monsters check out books,
  they wreck library nooks.
 They climb library shelves.
 They can't control themselves.
 They throw the books about--
 They eat the pages out!"

And you can download it here:  "When Monsters Check Out Books"

Or on TPT Here:

Click Here to Download It!

I think these little monsters are so much fun!  I sure hope ya'll enjoy them this year and perhaps your students can teach these little monsters a thing or two about how to behave.

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