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Switching It Up With Find And Cover Activities

I recently wrote a post about why I like "Find and Cover" Activities.  They offer students many opportunities to practice basic skills that you have already introduced. You can cover a wide variety of skills with them. (No pun intended!) They require almost no preparation (Just print and go!) and they work very well in both centers and independent workstations.

I love to set them up on a cookie sheet with button magnets because it is a quick and easy set-up, it provides nice visual organization and everything stays contained to the tray.

Here is an example of a "Find and Cover" activity set up this way:

Find and Cover the Circles (Identifying Shapes)
But much like file folder games, there are multiple ways that "Find and Cover" activities can be set up to give students a wider variety of practice opportunities, and target other skills students may need practice with.

Here is an example of a "Find and Cover" activity, set up as "Binder Work." In this set up, you just slide the the "Find and Cover" activity mats into plastic sheet covers and put them in your student's work binder. Students can bubble in or "X" their answers.

Find and Cover "What Makes 3"

You can also set them up in a center as a "Find and Cover," activity but have students cover their answers with different objects.

Here is an example using poker chips:

Find and Cover "The Number 3"

Here is an example using quarters.  Quarters work nicely to cover objects in the circles, but they especially work nicely in this, "identifying quarters" task ;)

Find and Cover "The Quarters"

And a fan favorite in my house--If you'd like to mix in a little fine motor skills focus to build strength in those growing hands, and add an extra element of fun, you can set them up as a "Just Squish It,"activity.  In this set up, you provide your student with play dough, to "squish" over their answers. (Just make sure you've laminated your "Find and Cover" mat!"

Find and Cover "The Color Green"
So what about you?  Are you using "Find and Cover" Activities in your classroom?  If so, what's your favorite set-up?  I'd love to know! ;)

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