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"The Scary Little Witch" Halloween Freebie

The Scary Little Witch Adapted Book Freebie

I just love this little book!  The truth is....sometimes when I finish creating something, I love the activity so much that I think that EVERYBODY should have it.

That's exactly what happened when I finished creating this one!

This Halloween-themed adapted book focuses on basic Halloween vocabulary, teaches basic matching skills, includes interactive comprehension questions, and a bonus story sequencing activity. (See sequencing stick activity)

In this not so scary story, "The Scary Little Witch" tries to scare just about everybody!

Sample Text:

"One dark night, when it was time to Trick or Treat,
 a scary little witch was scaring people on the street!

She scared a little vampire,
and she scared a little bat.
She scared a little wizard
in a pointy purple hat!"

At the end of the book, this "Scary Little Witch" is very surprised when she is no longer the one doing the scaring!  ;)

If you would like to download a copy of this fun, little Halloween book, you can find it for free until October 31st at:

 File Folder Heaven Here:  "The Scary Little Witch" 
and on

I truly hope ya'll love it!  <3


  1. Thank you so much for this book and activity. I have always used velcro for this type of activity, however the child I am working with this year loves to pull it off. Any ideas of an alternate way to adhere the images?

  2. Hi There--

    That sounds like it could be quite a challenge in a Special Education classroom, where we practically put Vecro on everything! ;)

    I have never tried this myself, but I have heard that this stuff works really well. It's called "Aleenes Tack It Over." It supposed to turn everything you put it on into a self-adhesive sticker. It may be worth a try! ;) You can see it at the amazon link below.


    Best of Luck With It!