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"Where Is The Pie?" Thanksgiving Adapted Book Freebie

I'm so excited to share this adapted book with Ya'll!  "Where Is The Pie?" is a super-cute Thanksgiving Adapted Book that targets a ton of skills! I've truly tried my best to pack a whole lot into these few pages of fun, so that you can use this book with a variety of students, who may be working at many different skill levels.
This adapted book targets basic Thanksgiving vocabulary words, matching skills, basic story comprehension skills, Wh-questions, sequencing skills, and positional words. Whew!  Are we tired yet? And like the "Scary Little Witch," featured in October, this Adapted Book also includes the bonus "sequencing stick," activity.  (See photo above for details.)

In this silly story, something has seriously gone a wry!  The Thanksgiving pie is missing and nobody can seem to find it.

Sample Story Text:

Where is the pie? Where did it go?
Grandpa tried to find it but he really didn't know.
He looked under the table with a disappointed sigh.
He found the mashed potatoes but he didn't find the pie!

Where is the pie? Where did it go?
Grandma tried to find it but she really didn't know.
She looked above the table with a disappointed sigh.
She found the roasted corn but she didn't find the pie!"

This adapted book will be free until November 30th, as a tiny token of my "Thanks" to all of you. You can download it at File Folder Heaven here:

And find it on TPT Here:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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