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There Was A Love Monster Who Swallowed a Heart

"There was a Love Monster who swallowed a heart,
  I don't know why he swallowed a heart.
  It's not very smart!
  There was a Love Monster who swallowed a pen.
  He started to grin when he swallowed the pen.
  He swallowed the pen to write on the heart.
  But I don't know why he swallowed the heart.
  It's not very smart!"

-There Was A Love Monster Adapted Book

I guess it's no secret that I love cute little monsters.  So when I added tiny white hearts to the face of this already adorable little pink guy, I knew he had to have his own Valentine's Day themed book. So here it is!

There Was a Love Monster is a silly and fun Valentine's Day themed story that targets Valentine's Day themed vocabulary words. Like the newly updated units, this set also includes an interactive adapted book, a sequencing stick activity, a sorting and classification activity, positional words and concepts practice, and a matching set of interactive vocabulary cards. (See Photos Below)

In a small group, the teacher or therapist reads the story as students follow along and match a picture and word to each page.  After the story is complete, the teacher can extend comprehension activities with the the interactive -Wh questions provided. Students may also practice retelling the story or sequencing the story events with the help of the sequencing stick visuals.

This Valentine's Day themed set also includes sorting and classification activities:

Positional Words and Concepts Practice:

And Interactive Vocabulary Cards:

If you think your students will enjoy this book during the month of February, you can find it on File Folder Heaven Here:

And on TPT Here:

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