The Wiggly Wiggly Inchworm Adapted Book And Vocabulary Activities

"Way out back, 'neath a tall, tall tree...
  A wiggly little inchworm was as wiggly as can be!
  He wiggled by a grasshopper.
  He wiggled by a snail.
  He wiggled by a lizard with a long and pointy tail!
  He wiggled by a ladybug.
  He wiggled by a bee.
  He wiggled by a butterfly that fluttered by with glee...."

Hey Everybody--

I have been busy chugging along with updates and I have been trying to get some of my favorite spring books and activities updated.  I am so excited that I have just completed updates for The Wiggly Wiggly Inchworm.  This book is one of my spring favorites and is so much fun to incorporate into Insects, Bugs, and Backyard Critters Themes.

This interactive book focuses on insects and backyard critters vocabulary words and includes a sorting and classification activity, position words concepts, interactive vocabulary and labeling cards, interactive wh-question and answer pieces and a sequencing stick activity.

With this activity, the teacher or therapist reads the story as students follow along, matching a word and picture to each page.  After the story is complete, students answer wh- questions by matching interactive answer pieces to each question.  Students can also retell or sequence the events of the story on a "sequencing stick," sort animals that are insects and animals that are not, identify vocabulary words and arrange their positions in relation to each other, and label each animal in the story.

To download the updates for the "Wiggly Wiggly Inchworm" Adapted Books and Activities, please see the links below:

At File Folder Heaven:

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