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Adapted Book Updates

I am finally beginning to tackle some long-needed updates to my Adapted Books Collection.

I've been creating and sharing adapted books for several years now, and naturally, the longer I've designed them, the better they have become. But the problem I'm running into is that my newer books are making all of my older books look a bit dated.
So I've decided it's time to give all of my vocabulary-focused Adapted Books a fresh coat of paint! Not only will they have a better design, but they will also be packed with more small group extension activities that will enable you to target many different language skills at multiple learning levels.

Here's an Example:

"Who Lives In The Cold Adapted Book" Original

Here's the Update:

The "Who Lives In the Cold Adapted Book" now includes an activities that target sequencing skills, 
sorting and classification skills:

Sorting Cold Climate Animals and Warm Climate Animals

Labeling and identification skills:

Identifying and Labeling Cold Climate Animals

And positional concepts:

Build a Cold Climate Scene with Positional Concepts Included
The great news is that this book has and always will be a FREEBIE!  So find your UPDATED copy, along with the latest extension activities, in the same place that it has always been.

You can download the book at File Folder Heaven Here: 

And at TPT Here:

These updates will be a BIG and slow-moving project, so please bear with me. I will post them here as soon as they are complete.  

Here's to a "New and Improved," 2016!

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