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Snowy Day Fun

We've been having lots of "snowy day" fun around here.  Even though we rarely get snow where I live, it's so much fun to talk about and think about this white, fluffy, wonder!

I had so many white, circle labels left over from our "Make a Snow Tree" activity, that I decided to make "snowy" words with my little guy.  We had fun thinking of snow-themed words, writing them with a sharpie, and then turning them into "snowy" words by covering them them with our "snowballs."  This peel and stick activity is great for fine motor skills.

Even though we focused on snow-themed words, this activity could easily be adapted to work on basic sight words, or for students who need the extra work--working on spelling first or last names.

After our "snowy words," activity, we still had lots of  "snowballs" (white labels) left!  So we decided to create a set of "Snow Trees," that we could turn into a "Count and Clip" activity.

This was such quick and simple activity to create.  First we cut green triangles and brown squares out of construction paper. Then we glued them together to form our trees.  Next we put the white labels on the trees to turn them into "Snow Trees."  Finally, I created a set of corresponding clothespins but writing the numbers 1-9 on clothespins.  My son had so much fun counting the snowballs and clipping the correct clothespin to each tree.

This activity is little simple for my son's skill level, but it's one that he will do over and over because he always loves clipping clothespins to things!  I am thinking about adapting it so that he can practice basic addition problems will it.  I plan to create a set where he can add two sets of snowballs together, and then clip the sum to each tree.

And guess what?  We still have lots of "snowballs" left!  If we do anything else with them, I'll be sure and let ya'll know!

Happy ALMOST Winter, Everybody!

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