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Ten Little Snowmen Adapted Book Updates

Winter has finally arrived in Texas and I have been lucky enough to carve out a little bit of time to keep working on these updates.

The "Ten Little Snowmen" Adapted Book is a winter-themed adapted book that focuses on number identification, counting to 10, and number words vocabulary.

In this activity, the teacher or therapist reads the book to students as students follow along an match a number and number word to each page. Students working at an independent level can work through the book in an independent work station or literacy center.

This adapted book also includes activities that target sequencing skills, basic classification and sorting skills, basic identification and labeling skills, and an activity that targets positional concepts.

This is a really fun, seasonal book that students seem to love!  These poor little snowmen are just trying to enjoy their winter, when the sun keeps showing up and ruins everything!

Sample Text:

"Ten little snowmen were fluffy, white and fine.
  Out came the sun, and then there were nine!

  Nine little snowmen were feeling really great.
  Out came the sun and then there were eight!"

Here is a quick peek at the additional activities included:

Sorting and Classification Skills:

Sorting By Attribute:  Things That Are Frozen/Things That Are Not

Positional Concepts:

Working With Positional Concepts--Includes Two Different Levels for Differentiation
Basic Labeling And Identification:

Identifying And Labeling Numbers and Number Words

If you already own this activity, you can grab the updates below.  If you would like to add these activities to your collection, you can find them below too! ;)

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