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"The Roly-Poly Snowball" Adapted Book

I guess you could say that I'm a little stuck on this snow theme. ;)  Just when I think I am done creating snow or winter themed adapted books, I stumble across some collection of irresistibly cute clip art and think, "I MUST create a book with that!" (And that's exactly what happened here.)

"The Roly Poly Snowball," is a super-fun winter or snowman themed adapted book that focuses on "snowman" words.

In this activity, students read or follow along and find the interactive matching piece that goes with each page. At the end of the book, students answer Wh- questions by choosing the best answer for each question.

This book is so much fun!  Students watch with anticipation as the roley-poley snowball, rolls over all kinds of things and slowly begins to change into something else completely!

Sample Text:

"On a white and snowy hill,
  in a pile, beside a tree....
  A roley-poley snowball 
  was as "roley" as can be!

 He rolled over some snowballs.
 And he rolled over some sticks!
 He rolled over some buttons,
 as he laughed and did his tricks!"

This activity also includes a bonus "sequencing stick" activity, (pictured above) where students practice sequencing the events of the story, and a set of snowman vocabulary words (pictured below) that students can practice reading and matching to the pictures in the story.

You can find this Adapted Book at File Folder Heaven here:

The Roley Poley Snowman

And on TPT here:

The Roley Poley Snowman

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