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"Where Is the Sleigh?" Christmas Adapted Book

Oh no! Santa's sleigh has gone missing and none of his elves can seem to find it.

In this fun and festive Christmas-themed adapted book, students follow elves as they search for Santa's sleigh. Those silly little elves find all kinds of Christmas things, just not quite the thing they are searching for.

This adapted book focuses on Christmas vocabulary, Wh- questions, story sequencing, and positional words.

Sample text:

"Where is the sleigh? Where did it go?
 Ruby tried to find it, but she really didn't know.
 She looked beside the Christmas tree and said,
 Is this the day?
 She found a little stocking but she didn't find the sleigh!

Where is the sleigh?  Where did it go?
Chippy tried to find it but he really didn't know.
He looked behind the Christmas tree and said,
Is this the day?
He found a little reindeer but he didn't find the sleigh!"

In this interactive activity, a teacher or therapist reads the story as students follow along and match pieces to each page of the book.  At the end of the story, students answer -Wh questions, by choosing the best interactive matching piece that answers the question asked. This adapted book also includes a bonus, "sequencing stick" activity, where students can sequence the events of the story on a paint stirrer (See photo above for details.)

I hope your students love it!

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